Geld Tech Presents our Radar Motion Sensor. It is infrared based sensor, if you are moving in your home in night, this Radar Motion Sensor put on the light by detecting your moments. So, you don't stumble with anything, and Put off the light when the move stopped. It is working on very simple principle, when a some movment occur in it sensory area it put on the light - it put off the after 30 second when it detect no moment. It is energy saving product because it is attached LED Light with angle adjustable option. It is fitted normal indian holder so, there is no installation cost & easy to use.


  • Product Description: LED Radar Bulb
  • Power Source: 220-240V/AC
  • Power Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Detection Motion: 5 second
  • Detection Distance: 5 m


  • • Infrared Based Technology
  • • Adjustable angle option
  • • Easly Fitted in Indian Holders
  • • Attractive Look


  • • Main Door
  • • Lobbies
  • • Balconies
  • • Staircases
  • • Dark Room
  • • Childern Room
  • • Parking Area